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About Us. Power Rangers Travel agency has already been in the field of tourism since 1996. Located in Asblanda Mall, Hurghada, Egypt. Providing tours in every single site in Hurghada from the most famous sights to the hidden gems and not only in Hurghada but also in Egypt. We were the initiators of the creation of our service, as it is an entry into the open market, direct contact with tourists and an important strategic work to improve the quality of tourism in the country in general.
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Sea Tours

Hurghada offers a variety of fun activities such as boating, snorkeling, diving, submarine tours, and fishing, making it an unforgettable destination with something for everyone.

City Tours

Go see the popular attractions of Hurghada! There's a place with dolphins called the Dophinarium, a water park called the Aquapark, and an Aquarium.


Safari tours let you discover the stunning beauty of Hurghada's western desert. While exploring, you can embrace authentic Bedouin culture, meet locals and experience an unforgettable adventure.

Bus Tours

Visit other parts of Egypt from Hurghada with bus trips to Luxor, Cairo, and Alexandria.

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Our team goals together with the organizers is not just to sell you the service, but to organize your vacation so that you, your relatives, friends and acquaintances in the future, vacationing in Egypt, used the services of our online booking service excursions! Every client matters to us. We try to do everything to make tourists get only bright, positive impressions of travel in this unique country with a beautiful sea, delicious fruit and inimitable Egyptian hospitality! We will be glad to cooperate with travel agencies or private organizers of the author's trips. We are always waiting for a feedback from our tourists, as it is your feedback that helps us, together with the organizers, to improve the excursions programs and the quality of services. We can not be responsible for the quality of excursions organizers, but we always try to influence the service, choose only proven services and those who provide them - it is in our interest. Now, choose the right program in this online directory and soon order it! :))
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About Us
About Us

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Book excursions online in 3 minutes from any hotel in Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh and Marsa Alam! We crossed out from the chain of intermediaries therefore prices for excursions are honest and democratic!

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We work with NO prepayments for group tours!
Pay directly during the tour in the transfer, or on the tour itself - cash in dollars, euros, or Egyptian pounds. It is also possible to consider an alternative non-cash payment option, by agreement.

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Handy, intuitive clear website, where we have collected all the most basic, interesting and popular excursions.

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We are Handy, intuitive clear website, where we have collected all the most basic, interesting and popular excursions.
You can order different programs from us and not looking for them elsewhere. After all, it is more convenient to book everything in one place. Excursions in other places are the same – they differ only in price (upward or the same as ours), the quality of the online service and the interest in resolving all emerging issues. And we have already tried to do everything necessary for this, using modern technologies.
Our service does not charge any additionai booking fees! In fact, we work for you free of charge, provide prompt information support, an also coordinate the transfer so that the meeting takes place 100%! You pay the full cost of the tour directly to the organizer, you have no trade and money relations with our online service.